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A selection of the Ben Nicholson prints we have for sale

Ben Nicholson (1894-1982)

Ben Nicholson was one of the most influential and radical British artists of the twentieth century. Celebrated for his ability to synthesize and abstract from nature, its bare essentials and re-form them in compositions of extreme elegance and clarity. For the most part Ben Nicholson's paintings and reliefs are geometrically organized, playing formal and austere lines against blocks of subdued colour, achieving a balance between line and suggested volume. Nicholson achieves this not only in his paintings, but as one of the greatest draughtsman of the twentieth century, in his prints as well. Ben Nicholson's ability to translate his mastery of line to carved and etched media is second to none. Always retaining his interest in landscape, whether it be the clear, bright light of Cornwall or the sun baked structures of ancient worlds visited throughout Europe, they were probably instrumental in developing his sense of light, almost transparent colour, through which objects are filtered rather than merely described. more

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St.Ives from Trezion  Still LIfe signature detail  Abstract Composition (Penwith) 1935  Still Life  

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